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The things they said about me

Working with Natasha for about 1.5 years really challenged me as a colleague and a team leader. She's a bright, critical, thoughtful, and a sweet person to work with. She had a very strong role in a team as the idea generator and insightful person, many of my team members considered her opinion on top of anyone else’s.

I really admire her creativity in creating content marketing and her copywriting skill that I found it unique and valuable. Overall it was a fruitful experience to work with her.

Afifa Urfani

AIESEC, international youth leadership organization, based in Rotterdam, Netherlands

I worked with Natasha for about a year in Axioo Photography. As one of the photographers in Axioo, we have to write a story to be published with our portfolio in Axioo’s website. That’s how I met Natasha. She’s a talented writer who has the calmest personality.

There are a lot of good qualities about her. I observed it is rare to meet someone who LISTENS. Natasha listens earnestly to every story and she pays attention to every little detail. That’s how she always comes up with brilliant writing. Also, she is incredibly responsible for every task that has been given to her, and she always finishes her works in time.

As a colleague, Natasha is a shy girl and a good listener—it means that she is very easy to talk to.

Reynaldo Tjandra

Axioo Photography Australia

A while ago, Natasha wrote a blog post to introduce me as a baby photographer.

At first, I wondered how can this stranger whom I just met can write personal paragraphs about me (and it has to sell my photography service).

We only talked for a short moment! Later, when I read her introduction, I got a little emotional. She described me perfectly! She really gets me.

Setiobudi Keefe

Baby Axioo Photography

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